Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Acquisition Financing Options

Based in Greenwich, Connecticut, the health care investment firm Great Point Partners focuses its attention on companies in the medical sector primarily through the United States, as well as Europe, and Canada. Among Great Point Partners’ portfolio companies is Citra Health Solutions. In April 2015, Dr. Barry M. Straube joined the organization as a member of its board of directors.

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Citra Health Solutions focuses on providing clients with the resources necessary to accommodate the growing number of accountable health care organizations and the emerging trend toward value-based reimbursement systems within the health care industry. Dr. Straube, who came to Citra as the former chief medical officer of the governmental organization Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, draws on his physician executive and medical leadership experience in the managed care, physician-hospital, and state and federal health care sectors. With Dr. Straube’s arrival, Citra’s executive management hopes that the company will be better equipped to provide medical professionals with the tools they need to deliver quality medical care.

In recent quarters Citra has seen record sales and hopes that Dr. Straube’s experience and governance as a member of the board will help the company to thrive in new territory, as modern health care becomes increasingly involved with value-based programs.