Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Biotronic NeuroNetwork Mission

Located in Greenwich, Connecticut, Great Point Partners was founded with the goal of investing in growing businesses in the health care field. In September 2015, Great Point Partners portfolio company Biotronic NeuroNetwork completed the acquisition of Neurowave Monitoring, marking its seventh tuck-in acquisition under the supervision of GPP.

This acquisition took Biotronic’s mission of providing the highest quality intraoperative neural monitoring services a step forward. It aims for constant improvement with a team of experienced professionals, along with the support of a quality-assurance program. The overall vision is to offer a range of service that establishes Biotronic NeuroNetwork as a lead provider in the sector. It does this by supporting a patient-centric focus and investing in clinical trials, research, and continued education.

The acquisition of Neurowave Monitoring has allowed Biotronic to continue its growth throughout Southern California while also granting it access to a team of technologists that can help the company further its vision.