Thursday, December 1, 2016

Clinical Trials Occur in Four Phases to Determine Treatment Safety

Great Point Partners, based in Greenwich, Connecticut, manages capital in private and public equity funds. Great Point Partners recently provided growth recapitalization capital to Alliance Biomedical Research, a leader in clinical trial research that focuses on Phase II to IV clinical trials.

Clinical trials occur in four phases. In Phase I, researchers test the treatment, medication, or device utilizing a small group of volunteers. This the first attempt to test with humans. The researchers evaluate the treatment in terms of safety, dosage (for medications), and repeated side effects.

In Phase II, the treatment is monitored within a larger group of people, still being observed for contraindications and side effects.

In Phase III, the treatment is tested within large groups to confirm that it is effective, to monitor side effects, and to compare it to other treatments currently available. The treatment is still being evaluated during this phase for safety issues.

In Phase IV, the treatment is placed on the market. During this phase of the study, researchers evaluate the treatment among diverse groups of people, and collect information regarding the long-term side effects of the drug or treatment.


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